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Are you considering selling your house?

It would be our privilege to help you. Our Concierge Brokerage begins by getting to know you, your house, your family and your goals. The time you spend now will enable us to begin our work on a highly personal level, just for you and your perfect Buyer.

Your House

Property Type:
You are the expert when it comes to the condition of your house. Would you consider it:

You were once the perfect buyer for your house and it is our job is to find you again!

Did you have children, if so what ages and was school district important to you

Did you have animals - if so what type and did they need special accommodations?

Which is your favorite room?

Moving Forward With Concierge
Service Every Step of the Way

Everyone has their own unique goals. We want to make sure that we clearly understand yours. In a perfect world, what would YOUR ideal selling process look like?

Have you sold a house before?

Financial Strategy

Please help us understand how we may help you to achieve your financial goals.


Thank you so much for beginning your home selling process. The information provided here is invaluable for Roblee and Danielle to determine your proper pricing, personal marketing plan, and specific sales strategy for the sale of your home.

We look forward to meeting with you in person to align your objectives with our expertise.